Welcome to Scaffies for the 2020’s

Dear beloved Scaffies Member,

Welcome to the roaring 20’s!

we now have Mandatory Monthly Membership Donations (“3MD“).

The whole purpose of this operation was to get the 90% of existing community members, who have not supported Scaffies in the first six years financially, to make a small monthly contribution — the equivalent of a coffee you buy at a hip coffee house. It is not to suddenly try to make money off Scaffies, or to have those 221 previous donors come out worse than they have been before the change (!).

“3MD” subscripions make life for everyone volunteering to keeping Scaffies running a lot easier – we have a budget we can plan with, and we do not have to spend countless hours every month trying to shake down enough donations to pay the bills. This time we can much better be spent on the site itself.

We went through a long time of planning and discussions, as you all know, had extensive debates, and two votes on it – and the result is the “NUX” membership plan. $5 a month for everything you had before for free.

This is Nux (“Nuts”?) from MadMax.
He took quite a beating … good inspiration!

As usual, we made every effort to keep things fun, and thus you get the funny names and pictures for the different levels (Nux, Ivar the Boner, Caligula, etc).

The other 10%, who have supported Scaffies in the past (the 221 “Donors”), and maybe some of the 90%, may wish to continue to support Scaffies generously, and for that we set up two additional plans. They reflect the way donations were made in the past through Scaffcon tickets, from medium to very large donations. To make these 10% feel accordingly special, we did it as a variety of plans. On the next page you find many more details.


What do you have to do next, as your first step?

The next step is to pick your membership level:


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