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This page serves as New Member Orientation,
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So you are thinking about joining Scaffies (public), the World’s Only M/M Ballbusting Community (and CBT in general), or just signed up, and now you wonder how to get started best?

The Scaffies community and its website offers you more “stuff” and things to do than any other social media site on the Internet does.

You find the largest accumulation of guys into M/M ballbusting, real-time group- and one-on-one chat, messaging, audio- and video calls, detailed member directories by profiles and forum activities, many search options, over 225 groups dedicated to every place on the planet, as well as forums and groups for any kind of activity around ballbusting (and some other, related topics).

As of April 2021, there are over 350,000 topic posts across all those forums, covering pictures, videos, stories, and contact personals — and over 450,000 activites recorded by members. We have been around since late 2013, and – as you can tell – we have been busy! You can earn a multitude of badges, participate in challenges, engage in text-, audio-, or video chats, web camming (if that is your thing), online role play, and of course be creative yourself with new content you provide to the community.

With everything you do in the community, you earn ScaffCoins (our own crypto currency), which you can trade in to get free of charge illustrated stories and box sets of images created by Madeira Desouza (he is the front-runner adapting NFTs and offering his creative works for ScaffCoins). You can also exchange coins with other members; more options will follow.

There are many options to get in contact with other members, from hitting someone up in chat, sending messages, or making compliments, commenting on posts and replies with several options of voting and thanking each member, participatingi n member- and site polls (you can also create your own!), browse a plethora of member and group galleries, read hooligan advice, consult the Editor’s Journal for detailed teaching lessons on CBT and many other topics, even learn to make “cock-tails” for parties.

There are ballbusting book references, our very own comic series, exclusive other art, such as the famous SparkieShock “Parilla” games (he has his own group on here for that), confess to your ballbusting resolutions, browse the print newspapers, the flashback section, and much, much more. You cannot be bored while active in the Scaffies community!

Below are a lot of tips of what to expect and how to get the most out of your membership.

You are entering a not-for-profit community, ruled by majority votes of all members, and a small group of volunteer administrators, who keep the back-end running.

Here are the two things you MUST do first (we will not let you do anything until these are complete):

  1. Fill out your Profile
    You are automatically redirected to the Edit Profile page, when you sign on for the first time.
    Please note there are several ‘required’ fields, it will not let you save the profile if something is missing.
    The more you write about yourself, the easier it is to get in contact with other community members – so don’t be shy, in your own interest! You can change / update your profile at any time.
  2. Set your Profile Picture (avatar)
    A face picture is nice, but the community does not require it. Just pick something unique that fits you (NSFW images are allowed throughout the site).
    upload the pic of your choice, select the area you want, and click on “Crop image” to set the picture.
    We strongly recommend you use a laptop/desktop for these steps – some functions are not supported by ‘smart’ phones.
    Later you can read up on why there is no ‘Scaffies App’ in either Google or Apple app stores.
  3. Optional but recommended: upload a Cover Picture
    This step is one you don’t have to do, but it is highly recommended: the more attractive your profile, the more likely it is to gain the interest of others on here. Best have a banner image of 1,300 pixels wide and 225 pixel height for it.


With these steps completed, you are ready to dive into the world of M/M Ballbusting!

By the way, we provide a safe space for all, and value the privacy of our members above all. You noticed you do not have to give your name or address with your credit / debit / gift card number, all donation membership charges will show up as “3MD” and not “Scaffies”, and we are (of course) fully compliant with the EU GDPR rules, as you can read up in our Privacy Policy (public); also one of the reasons we are hosted in the country with the highest privacy protection there is: The Netherlands (.NL). You can say that “pretty much anything goes” within the Scaffies community – of course nothing illegal. The volunteer administrators actively “police” the community for any possibly inappropriate or illegal content – so far (since launching in September 2013) we have not had a single incident of this nature, as our members are smart enough to know “what goes and what not”  and use sound judgment. Being the largest M/M Ballbusting site on the Internet, and around since 2013, we did not have to object or delete content a single time.

In the Scaffies community, we are a friendly bunch, and everyone feels welcome. We have only one rule here: “be nice” (not with ballbusting, but in dealing with the other members).

As the largest M/M ballbusting community, there is SO much content to watch and read, so much to do, so many to interact with, that it may at first feel overwhelming. But you will quickly get the hang of it, and on this page we walk you through it step-by-step, so that you can easily enjoy all the benefits of being here.



The links “jump” to sections further down on this page with more details (and a link back to this index; more sections with details are being added):

  • The Newspaper: The Scaffington Post
  • Members:
    • Member Directory by most recent online, with short excerpt of each profile
    • Member Directory by Forum Activity
    • Overview of New Members
    • Top 50 Members by “Thumbs Up” Votes
    • Member Competitions
    • Member-generated Polls
    • Site Polls of Member Voices – we are a member-driven community!
    • Member Cloud Drive Directory
    • Specific Content by select members: video collections, famous tools & toys, cock-tails, Radgie’s hooligan advice column
    • On Your Own Profile:
      • Your Badges
      • Your Recent Visitors to Your profile
      • Cryptocurrency Wallet Balance and ScaffCoin transaction history
      • Your Scaffies “Rank”
      • Notifications (new and archived)
      • Compliments – giving and received
      • Your activities overview
      • Your Profile: view, editing, setting profile background, avatar / profile picture, and cover picture
      • Your Messages and Threads
      • Your Scaffies friends
      • Your Group memberships
      • Your own activities in the forums (topics started, replies from you, your topic engagements, saved favorite topics, forum and topic subscriptions)
      • Your Galleries (with 4 Gigabyte space for pictures, videos, and documents)
      • Your Settings (email / password change, email notification choices, recent visits options, group invite settings)
    • On Other Member Profiles:
      • Read his Profile
      • View his Galleries
      • Send a Public Message
      • Send a Private Message
      • Request Friendship
      • Make an Audio Call
      • Make a Video Call
      • See the Compliments he has received from other members
      • Send a Compliment to the member (choice of 8 different types, with an optional personal note)
      • See his Badges
      • See who he is Friends with
      • See his Scaffies “Rank”
      • See his Membership Donation level
      • See his Cryptocurrency Balance and his ScaffCoin transaction history
      • See his recent Activities and Mentions
      • See his Favorite Activities
      • See his Favorites in Forums and Topics
      • See his Group Memberships
  • Chat and Messaging Options:
    • Individual One-on-One chats (with text, audio, and video calls) directly on the lower chat bar, in a pop-out window, or in a full page display
    • Group Chats: Main-, Role Play-, and SCAFFCON chat rooms (plus Scaffcon overview and Scaffcon Blog)
    • Messaging (with text, audio, and video calls – plus notifications for messages received when you are offline)
  • Content:
    • Forums
      • M/M Stories (and some F/M)
      • M/M Pictures (and some F/M)
      • M/M Videos (and some F/M)
      • Review of CBT Toys (DIY and commercial ones)
      • Extreme Stuff (for those into heavier things – there is also a dedicated group)
      • Ball Busting Groups around the World
      • Personal Blog Space – if you feel like posting things regularly about yourself
      • Dedicated Art Sections (there is much more in other places on here: Katharsis, GreaseTank, Kalabro, Jotto, ToF, etc etc – all about ballbusting):
        • Madeira Desouza – he also offers a Trade Exchange (“DTE”) to get his art for ScaffCoins
        • SparkieShock Parilla Art (Group Forum)
        • Gengoroh Tagame
      • The Scaffies Comic: “Böllöcks Adventures”
      • World of Sports — all about ballbustingin sports
      • “Wouldn’t it be fun …?” Fantasy section which (whose?) balls are bust-worthy
      • Random (for all those things which do not fit elsewhere)
      • Events shared by members around the world
      • Audio about Ballbusting
      • Info on Scaffies TV
      • General Posts (announcements for the community, statistics, tech info, etc)
    • Forum Power Search – with s0 many forums and over 350,000 topics & replies so far, this is a helpful option
    • New Galleries by Members
    • Scaffies monthly Conferences: SCAFFCON blog, blog history, conference access, forum, list of all previous SCAFFCONs, and Media Rooms for many SCAFFCONs
  • Groups dedicated to Localities and to Special interests:
    • all groups have their own Forums
    • all groups have their own Galleries
    • all groups have their own Member Directory
    • there are over 225 Local Groups around the World (practically for every single country, for some countries broken down into states, plus some metropolitan cities) — after all, we are the ONLY M/M Ballbusting Community on the Planet :)
      • Amsterdam
      • Atlanta
      • Berlin
      • Budapest
      • Dallas
      • Hamburg
      • Las Vegas
      • London
      • Los Angeles
      • Manchester
      • New York City
      • Palm Springs
      • Paris
      • San Francisco
      • Sydney
      • North America: Canada (multiple provinces), USA (for each state)
      • Central Amercia & the Caribbean: all countries
      • South America: all countries
      • Europe: all countries (EU broken down into each member state)
      • Middle East: all countries
      • Africa: most countries
      • Asia: all countries
      • Oceania: all countries
    • there are also Groups dedicated to Special Interests:
      • Everything SCAFFCON and Richard’s Blog – the Boss of all SCAFFCONs
      • Busters
      • Mutual
      • Bustees
      • Challenges! by Games Master Andy
      • Extreme plus additional Forum: Extreme
      • Scaffies Fight Club (SFC)
      • Nut Whacking Army (NWA)
      • Church of Scaffies (CoS)
      • Web Cammers
      • Online Role Play
      • Ballbusting Professionals (Rentboys / Masters)
      • BB ”No Safeword” Contest – Private Group – for paid participants of the German BB Contest
      • IVAR Membership Group – Private Group – for IVAR memberships only
      • CALIGULA Membership Group – Private Group – for Caligula memberships only
      • HardCore Scaffies (HCS) – Private Group – for IVAR & Caligula memberships only
      • Extreme HCS – Private Group – for IVAR & Caligula memberships only
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) — the Internet is a complicated field, and so there are some explanations for the Scaffies community, too:
    • General Questions
    • About Scaffies – and a funny look at what Scaffies HQ looks like
    • Explanation of the name “Scaffies” (public)
    • Information about the technical infrastructure and site performance
    • Scaffies on mobile devices (and wha there are no “apps” on Google Play or Apple iPhone markets)
    • What to do when something is “stuck”
    • Explanations on how to set your preferences for email notifications
    • Turning on missed message notifications
    • How to share content for the not-techies
    • How to embed videos
    • How to embed pictures
    • How to use the font icons (for the technically sophisticated member)
    • Information available by mouse-overs
    • How topic subscriptions work
    • How to make long-enough topic titles
    • How to pop-out the chat from the chat bar into its own window
    • How to change your password (and why you might -rarely- be forced to change yours — we never had a breach!)
    • Questions around encryption (we use SSL/TLS throughout) and jurisdiction (we are based in the Netherlands for a reason)
    • Statistics
    • Flashback views of Scaffies since launch in 2013 — we have come a long way!
    • Links to Merchandise & Logo Gear: to help you when you are out and about, to meet other busters / bustees
  • “My Scaffies” — all the stuff just for YOU
    • Findout Your ID Number (we are inching up to the 8,000th member), your “DisplayName” & “UserName”, and how to set your profile and cover pictures (with examples)
    • Link to Your Messages (you also see the number of unread messages in your Scaffies browser tab)
    • Link to Your Notifications (show up in the top bar, too)
    • Links to Lists of Your Own Topics (with different options to sort them)
    • Your Topic Subscriptions
    • Your Favorites
    • Your Badges — the ones you have, and all the badges you can earn (click on each to find out more about it)
    • Your ScaffCoin Crypto Wallet — and background info, the Transfer Form to send coins to other members or spend them
    • Questionnaire about Your best ever bust
    • Confess to your Ballbusting Resolutions
    • Book Recommendations for You
    • Info on S&M Hand Signals
    • Info on the the “Hanky Code”
    • The only Rule we have here in the Scaffies community
    • Introduction of the (unpaid) volunteer admins, and a contact form (you can also send email)
    • How to contact the newsdesk with newspaper tips and information to share
    • How to contact Dr Radgie in regards to advice and his column
    • The Comments & Feedback page (we want it! — see also the 2021 Survey)
    • Link tot he Change Log for all things technical (if you ever have trouble of that kind. Change Logs go back to the the launch in late 2013)



The Newspaper: The Scaffington Post

Every time you log in, you get redirected to the newspaper – your “one-stop shop” to everything in the community. The newspaper updates automatically, so you have always the freshest information available. You can always jump directly to it by clicking on “Newspaper” in the menu at the top, or clicking on the shortcut on the Chat Bar at the bottom of your screen.

At the top you find who is currently online, and the latest news about the Scaffies community: “Announcements & Briefings”. There is also all information about the next upcoming monthly SCAFFCON conference.

So you do not miss anything, you find on the left side various options to look at the latest content posted, topic posts by timeline, the latest member polls, links to all member polls and the site polls (made by volunteer admins). On the opposite side you see the Editor Journal with a multitude of references, technical announcements, and an overview of your messages and notifications – including an option to clear them (not all disappear automatically after you checked them out).

Below that you find a preview of the latest 20-or-so new topics on the left side, and the latest replies to them on the right side, along with the latest pictures posted by members in their galleries (there are also video galleries and document folders: members have all the options!).

Then there are the latest meeting opportunities (personals), the latest art works by Madeira Desouza and SparkieShock, the latest Sports Busts, and finally the “adult” section with naked balls. In this mockup it is the blurred version of the current picture, a ballbusting machine in action (GIF).

Finally, there is also a Financials section, with all links to the cryptocurrency and your own wallet, plus a list of the top wallets and where your own stands in the listing. On the right side, you also find the latest activities by members — this listing changes with every time you reload the page.

Sections of this Mock-Up are blurred to make it SFW and protect members’ privacy

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In the past, there were also print editions of the newspaper (The Scaffington Post on Sundays in Print, The Express, The News Expressall public), which went through several incarnations over the years, until it became the replacement of the internal “home” page. It is said “nothing is as old as yesterday’s news” … however, in this case, it is always fun to browse through the papers, plus you can learn a lot about the community and its members. You have access to all newspapers in the “Newspapers” menu.



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Editor Journal – Newspaper expanded

Reference links took too much space on the newspaper, so this section was separated. Here (public) you find constantly updated static links to topics and learning options, such as (excerpt screenshot):

(excerpt screenshot)



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Questions & Answers

There is an extensive library of Questions and Answers to and from other members – browse through them, or ask your own questions to the community!

You find the section nder the “Newspaper” menu:


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Content: Forums

There are stand-alone and group forums, dedicated to a wide variety of topics.

In the “Content” menu you can see the overview of all the forums, and under the “All 225 Groups” menu you find all available groups.

Under the “Newspaper” ( = Information) menu you find all recent topic listings — along list sorted by interest blocks. Here is a cut-out snapshot of it:



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Content: New Galleries by Members

You can find new galleries by members under “Newspaper” and “Member Galleries” – it lists all member galleries, with the latest ones first. You can choose if you want to see all, or just pictures, or videos, or documents, etc.

(screenshot partially blurred to make this page safe for work)



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We are constantly expanding the detail overviews.



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