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Want to become a Member of the Scaffies M/M Ballbusting Community?

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Please write an essay
explaining why you wish to join the Scaffies community.

Send your essay via e-Mail to Admin [at] Scaffies.NL

The structural components of an essay: The body consists of a logically sequenced series of paragraphs that develop the essay topic.
Each paragraph contains: – One idea, which is introduced in the topic sentence.
1) something about you (description), your thoughts on, and approach to, m/m ballbusting
2) why and how you came to be into m/m ballbusting, your experiences, fantasies, and ideas
3) what you expect from the Scaffies community, and what you think you can and will contribute
(the effort is not wasted: you can later copy & paste some of this into your profile, where the same questions come again).

If you made a bit of an effort, and appear convincing,
your e-mail address will be pre-registered, and
you will receive the link to the registration form.

Everything thereafter is spelled out in detail below.

If you are using an AT&T / SBC e-mail address, you may not receive emails from Scaffies (they keep blocking Scaffies off and on).
If you are using an Earthlink e-mail address, you will not receive any emails from Scaffies (they do block Scaffies).
Solution: simply use a different email address – from a provider not enforcing their own moral standards on their users.

THE EXPRESS June 12 - 2016 Txt

(Link to the complete newspaper– after you have joined)

Anyone gaining access to and submitting a new account registration without having sent the essay
(and then been given the registration link with your pre-registered email address) will be deleted without further review.

Scaffies is an advertisement-free, “freemium”-model-free community,
and runs on Donations only to cover operating costs
thus we are non-commercial
and do not have a requirement to grow.

We do want to ensure a high quality of our member base and community,

which is meant only for all those who are truly enthusiastic about M/M ballbusting.

Scaffies is not “free” – we no not require any payments or fees,
but we do ask to please participate, engage, vote, reply to posts, etc 
– and (later on) at least consider a voluntary donation when you love Scaffies.

The Scaffies Administrative Council Kosh (“S.A.C.K.”) .. now get to writing your essay and submitting it to us! :mail:


About Registration and becoming a Scaffie, joining the world’s only “M/M” Ballbusting Community:

The registration has a couple steps – we do make it hard on purpose (think of it just like a strict door policy to a popular club): we only want members who are truly enthusiastic about M/M Ballbusting – there are enough lurkers on many other sites already. We are not commercial, and do not have to grow; we rather maintain the quality of the community. You have no “right” to join the club, but we welcome all true Busters & Bustees.


1) Request the link to the registration form. You send an email with your essay to admin@scaffies.nl explaining why you want to join the Scaffies community. Write it free-form, just as a human does it, thus showing you have sufficient command of the English language to be able to navigate the site and participate in the community. If this reads convincing, and is more then 2 lines, you may receive the link to the registration form, and move on to the next step.


2) You fill out the form on the Registration page. Once you SUBMIT after filling out required fields, you get a confirmation message on your screen that your registration went through. It also says you will then get an activation email and that your account will be reviewed.


3) The system sends you an Activation link to the email you registered with. If you mistyped your email, of course it will never reach you. If you do not see it after a few minutes, also check your “Spam” folder – sometimes the message ends up there (in most cases it shows up in your inbox almost instantaneously). Click on the link to confirm you received it at your email and you are ready to log in, upload a profile picture, and do some more on your profile. During the first 24 hours you cannot message others on the site, and other restrictions apply, until your account is reviewed and either approved or denied. Please set a profile and cover picture – if you need any ideas, look at what other members have set.


4) Account Review: the first Scaffies administrator from the Scaffies Administrative Council Kosh (“SACK”) who sees your account application will review it. This is mainly to check the account did not bypass all spam controls and an actual human filled it out, and secondly to check if this is an application from someone who really wants to be part of the Scaffies community. If some of the required fields just have dashes in them or “asdf” instead of an answer, the application is likely to be denied, and the account deleted: we do not just want lurkers on the site, but members who want to engage. So it is good if you took 5 minutes during the registration to write a few words in those fields (they are all clearly marked with explanations). You will receive an automated email either way, informing you the review has been completed, and of the decision.


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