Scaffies 2021 Community Member Survey


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Since the survey in Fall 2013, the community is regularly asking for feedback.

This is the Spring 2021 version:


Hello All,

Kevin-Steven (volunteer admin) and myself (Brandon, also volunteer admin, and Member #1) think it is about time to ask for general feedback from current, former, and maybe even future community members – and we would very much like if you take the time and effort to participate.

While we have a “Comments & Feedback” page (My Scaffies menu), and had for the longest time the question “Do you have suggestions?” at the top of the Newspaper, either never got much response. So now, we hope, asking more directly, it will generate more interest.

We would really like to hear from you, so can hopefully improve the parts of the community which we can influence: appearance, features, annoyances in daily use, etc.

And lastly, we would like you to be candid in your responses! :good: The more candid, the better the opportunities to change / add / avoid / improve things which get to you the most.

This survey is as informal as it can be, so no forms to fill out, etc.

You can participate in any way you want:

Copy the questions below (in bold) and paste them anywhere here (and then add your answers to each of the questions):

  • Reply to the forum post (if you are already a member and logged in)
  • Reply via the contact form with your account (if you are already a member and logged in)
  • Reply via the contact form anonymously (just enter something but your email or username, we cannot trace it to an account – if you are already a member and logged in)
  • Paste into any email and send it to: survey2021 [AT] (replace [AT] with the @ sign – if we spell it out here, it gets flooded by spammers)
  • Paste into any other form of communication you seem best to get it to us


HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS to copy and paste:

  1. What do you like about Scaffies most?
  2. What to you hate about Scaffies most?
  3. Things you think ought to be changed – mark priorities?
  4. What would be nice-to-haves?
  5. If you signed up after January 2020: how did you find out about Scaffies and what made you join?
  6. Is there anything else you would like to add?


We are here to listen, and look very much forward to your feedback! :heart:



(two of the) Volunteer Administrators



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