Scaffies Donations — keep the community afloat with $5 per month donations.


3MD” Membership Levels – make your choice below:

Pirate Level • NUX MadMax Level • SparkieShock Artist Support Level • IVAR THE BONER Viking Level • CALIGULA Roman Level

Please pick your “3MD” membership level below.
“3MD” = Mandatory Monthly Membership Donations
Scroll down all the way to make your choice.
One way or another you will need to chip in a little.
Supporting Scaffies with more? Gives you more, and helps the community grow and improve.



The Captured Pirate level is an annual $10 expense to keep your Scaffies account.

It is basically the entrance level to having a Scaffies account.

You get:

1 Year recurring donation membership.

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The Scaffies Böllöcks Comic Strip Series

If you are a member who is a student, low-rank soldier (E-3 and below), low-pension senior, with no/low income, from a low-GDP country, you can ask for the NUX “Special Considerations” plan. Optionally, you can include a one-time-only donation on top of the monthly $5. Only use this if you are eligible for it – we have to trust your honesty. If you live in a country affected by financial sanctions thus without access to western-world credit cards, please contact the volunteer admins for a different solution – we do not want to lose you over sanctions!


NUX” is the main membership type
for the majority of all pre-2020 Scaffies members.

With this $5 per month plan, nothing changes for you from what you had previously from 2013 to 2019 (except for contributing a Starbucks-coffee-worth each month to the site).

‘NUX’ [“nuts”?]  is also the model we discussed at length for months, took two votes on since November 15th (and before) – even do so still: now. About NUX & NUX quotes.


You have access to all of what Pirates get, plus:

Monthly, 6 Months, or 1 Year recurring donation memberships.


The following membership types are only for those, who want to support Scaffies & Artists more – this is entirely optional. In return there many exclusive extras, and the pride badges which go with the commitment:

We have to define the levels somehow to make it work with the membership system, thus the various pricing options to accommodate all the various donation pledges.



The SparkieShock level is a special membership to help out a popular ballbusting artist with a donation split. While Madeira Desouza – another popular ballbusting artist – prefers to promote his art within the Scaffies community, where his supporters get links to full collections of his creative works elsewhere, SparkieShock posts his Parilla Electro Shock Ballbusting art exclusively here in his SparkieShock group.

Members with this membership level have access to this group. This allows SparkieShock to promote his art elsewhere, brings new members to Scaffies, and makes his popular edgy to very edgy art accessible to a wider community without censorship issues. The donations collected beyond the NUX level are passed on to SparkieShock by Scaffies.

It has the same capabilites as ‘NUX

  • plus the private SparkieShock group – with exclusive SparkieShock art work

Monthly, 6 Months, or 1 Year recurring donation memberships.



The Viking level is basically what the special benefits were in the past (2013-2019) for all those donors, who supported Scaffies financially in the first six years, and kept it going.

It has the same capabilites as ‘Nux’

Monthly, 6 Months, or 1 Year recurring donation memberships.



The Roman level Power Member is a new role & level.

A few members want to go above and beyond just donating substantial cash to the community.

They want to engage on a much more intense level. You cannot express more how much you are into ballbusting than with a CALIGULA membership :)


  • add status and generosity on top of the ‘Ivar The Boner’ level
  • plus access to special features which we will also be implementing (“Caligula’s Balls Orgy” and more)
  • plus access to the private SparkieShock group – with exclusive SparkieShock art work
  • plus all capacities of the IVAR level
  • early “word” and access to new ‘stuff’ on Scaffies
  • plus exclusive access to the CALIGULA group

Monthly, 6 Months, or 1 Year recurring donation memberships.


Existing & New Members:
please choose your level.

CAPTURED PIRATE - $10 per Year - recurring with OneTimeOnly Donation option + fees PIRATE 1 Year recurring until cancelled = $12.50 Select
NUX - MadMax Level - $5 per month - Yearly + fees NUX 1 Year recurring until cancelled = $63.25 Select
NUX - MadMax Level - $7.50 per month - 6 Months + fees NUX 6 Months recurring until cancelled = $47.50 Select
NUX - MadMax Level - $10 month-to-month - recurring + fees NUX 1 Month recurring until cancelled = $11.25 Select
SPARKIESHOCK - Artist Support Level - $185 per year + fees SparkieShock 1 Year recurring until cancelled = $196.85 Select
SPARKIESHOCK - Artist Support Level - $95 per 6-months + fees SparkieShock 6 Months recurring until cancelled = $99.85 Select
SPARKIESHOCK - Artist Support Level - $20 per month + fees SparkieShock 1 Month recurring until cancelled = $22.75 Select
IVAR THE BONER - Viking Level - $25 per month - Yearly + fees IVAR 1 Year recurring until cancelled = $305.25 Select
IVAR THE BONER - Viking Level - $35 per month - 6 months + fees IVAR 6 Months recurring until cancelled = $213.25 Select
IVAR THE BONER - Viking Level - $50 month-to-month + fees IVAR 1 Month recurring until cancelled = $52.75 Select
CALIGULA - Roman Level - $50 per month - Yearly + fees CALIGULA 1 Year recurring until cancelled = $605 Select
CALIGULA - Roman Level - $75 per month - 6 months + fees CALIGULA 6 Months recurring until cancelled = $453.85 Select
CALIGULA - Roman Level - $100 month-to-month + fees CALIGULA 1 Month recurring until cancelled = $103.80 Select

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You can pay with all major credit cards.

Stripe provides the embedded credit card field, which shows up here on the site. Scaffies does not (!) see the information you enter. You are only asked for the card information (which we also do not see! – of course) – no other personal info. The system handles the automatic credit to your membership level – we see nothing more than that. This is perfectly safe, millions of people use the service every day – Stripe is a major vendor in the arena. The membership service system used here is provided by PaidMembership Pro, which is used by over 80,000 other sites. It only asks you for the card information – and that works! This is the default, and it works automatically.

The memberships themselves only show up as “3MD (short for: Mandatory Monthly Member Donations) – we figured not everyone wants “Scaffies” to appear anywhere on their credit card statements.

This works all fully automatic, so the volunteer admins do net get involved at all, except for customer service in case there are questions.

Allow your card to be processed / charged in the USA. Many credit cards can be configured these days on your online banking to allow / disallow charges in a variety of countries (typically to prevent fraud in obscure countries, which do not use EMV chips, but only the magentic stripe on the back; when card data is stolen, crooks create new magnetic stripe cards, and use them in less-developed countries without EMV infrastructure; to prevent this kind of fraud, many card companies issuing EMV cards – such as in Europe – disallow those countries by default). If you are not in the US, then it may be turned off by default. If your card gets declined, please verify you allow charging in the USA. Our credit card processor Stripe runs operations in California, USA.

Gift cards (prepaid credit cards) can be used (one member at least did). Just make sure they are valid in the USA, where the charges are being processed (by Stripe).

As for Visa/MasterCard/AMEX etc, they can NOT trace payments back to Scaffies. The processor can, of course (Stripe), but Visa (or Mastercard, or Amex) only sees the “3MD” and that the charges were processed through Stripe, but not more than that. We intentionally set it up in a way which guarantees the most possible privacy. You will also notice the processor (Stripe) only asks for the credit card number, expiration date, and CVC along with a email – not your name, nor your address. We at Scaffies only see the last 4 digits of your credit card, and which card it is (Visa, MC, etc) – nothing else: only if the payment was successful or not; and all of that is done automatically by the membership system software we use.


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P.S.: one member interested in a yearly Caligula membership asked how safe Stripe is. Here is my (@admin7) answer:

… completely understand your concerns. There are many bad people out there. It is also always a hassle when cards change. But despite the fraud issues, the world runs on credit cards, and over 99% work just fine without issues. PayPal unfortunately is really difficult – for vendors, but also for customers (they declined your end of the transaction, not ours – for whatever reason: they will not even say).
We are just a small membership site, and just as with Eventbrite (donation ticket sales for the first SCAFFCONs), we rely on large multi-national companies with the means to protect their customers to collect their dues. 
We previously used Eventbrite. It was founded in 2006, is a public company on NYSE since 2018, and has global revenues of over $300 million yearly. With its IPO, it was valued at close to $2 billion.
Stripe was founded in 2010 and is currently valued at $35 billion (they received a total funding amount of $1 billion).

Stripe is ranked 3,249 among websites globally based on its 13,236,899 monthly web visitors.
From those numbers you see Stripe is a much (!) bigger company – and this should lend to a higher amount of trustworthyness as well?
On top, Eventbrite is in the ticketing market, and Stripe’s business is to move money – so they should be much better at it than even Eventbrite is at collecting funds for events.
In both cases, we just embed their code, as millions of other sites do it. The WordPress software we use to process it, is also the #1 on that market (the most-used product with over 80,000 active installs). I think it can be reasonably assumed paying Scaffies memberships via Stripe is as safe as it can get. Either way, we depend on Stripe to survive.

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