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You have selected the NUX - MadMax Level - $7.50 per month - 6 Months + fees membership level.

“NUX” – MadMax level has ALL the capabilities 90% of members had before for free (those who never made a donation in the last six years).

You have access to all of what Pirates get, plus the Member Directory, Member Galleries, Member Search, the Member Profiles and Edit FunctionsFriends-of-Friends, – the BuddyPress system (including your own profile), all Forums and Groups with all the Topics & RepliesForum Power Search – the BBpress system (except the private ones, such as HCS and Extreme HCSIVAR and CALIGULA) and New Topic Creation, the Member Cloud Drive directory, the Competitons, the Video Sections, the Polls, the DIY Toy Reviews, all previous SCAFFCONs and their transcripts, Richard’s SCAFFCON Blog and Blog History and all SCAFFCON Media Rooms & Boards, Dr Radgie’s A.D.V.I.S.E. (fair affronted by fannybawz … nae keen on barkit wee minkers)the current and past Change Log(s), the Editor JournalKerrie’s Cock-Tails, the That Day at the QuarryBallbusting Tutorial, the Böllöcks Adventures” ComicGengoroh Tagame DrawingsScaffies HQ PicturesBest Busts ListBallbusting Resolutions‘Hanky Code’ & S/M Hand SignalsTop 50 Members and Top 50 ReviewsMeet The AdminsScaffies Flashback, the current Newspaper: THE SCAFFINGTON POST (including Page 3 – The Naked Balls), and the older papers (THE EXPRESS and NEWS EXPRESS).

With this $5 per month plan, nothing changes for you from what you had previously from 2013 to 2019(except for contributing a Starbucks-coffee-worth each month to the site).

‘Nux’ is also the model we discussed at length for months, took two votes on since November 15th (and before) – even do so still: now.

 As this is a donation, there is no refund.

Membership Requirements - the Five P's:

  • Profile filled out completely & richly - immediately (!) after you sign up
  • Profile Picture which individualizes you (face not required, just something unique)
  • Proper Cover Picture which makes your profile more interesting to other community members (1300 by 225 pixels)
  • Participation in the community (activities earn you "Busts" and "Cums" scores for the Scaffies Token Wallet, also reflecting our engagement)
  • Payment - as of January 2020, we ask for a mandatory donation to help pay the bills.

You will need to set up your profile properly, and fill out all required fields with care, set pictures, etc - you have to do so immediately, not eventually - and you have to abide by the 5 'P' above. Your profile will be reviewed within a day of your registration. Donations are not buying you exception from these rules - we enforce them, and swiftly so.

Do not use Hotmail, Outlook, Live, AT&T/SBCglobal, or Earthlink e-mail accounts. They block Scaffies, and you will never receive any communications.
If you use such an account, please contact the admins to have it replaced (since you cannot do it yourself with those email addresses to confirm the change).

With my subscription membership, I accept the terms of the donation(s) and the membership rules.

NUX 6 Months recurring until cancelled = $47.50

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