Exchange ScaffCoins for Madeira Desouza’s 3D Digital Art



The Desouza Trade Exchange – Introduction & Rules


Since you have chosen to be here within the Scaffies community, a special membership benefit is open for your exploration and fun.


It is named the Desouza Trade Exchange (DTE).

This name refers to a worldwide exclusive for you to trade in ScaffCoins and in return you get Madeira Desouza illustrated stories and box set image collections completely free of charge.

You get free of charge man-on-man sexually explicit and 100% uncensored works of storytelling and 3D digital art created by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas. Desouza works bring you stunning fantasy depictions delivered to your inbox as PDFs showing masculine men in peril and facing imminent danger.

The Desouza Trade Exchange is open to anyone who uses ScaffCoins from their own ScaffCoins Wallet (see the background article here).


How the Desouza Trade Exchange works:

(1) View the Previews of the Madeira Desouza PDFs available to you on Scaffies.

(2) Transfer the posted number of ScaffCoins to give you access to a particular PDF you will receive by email from Madeira Desouza.

(3) Your transfer shows up timestamped within your ScaffCoins Wallet as confirmation.

(4) Contact Madeira Desouza by email and give this simple message to him: I just transferred xnumber of ScaffCoins in exchange for [title of PDF].

(5) Madeira Desouza (in Pacific Time Zone; UTC -7) personally fulfills your PDF request to your email inbox.


Simple rules:

  • This ScaffCoins exchange provides downloadable / printable PDFs for your private enjoyment. However, the ownership and copyright are retained by Madeira Desouza.
  • Due to international copyright laws, no PDFs acquired through this ScaffCoins exchange are permitted to be reproduced, converted to other file types, or transmitted electronically by any available means (apps, email, websites, etc.) without written permission in advance from Madeira Desouza.
  • Returns of PDFs or refunds of ScaffCoins are not available within this exchange program.



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