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Of course, there are also other sites of interest (we believe in sharing, not competing):

  • - needs to be mentioned first: if you want to re-read Mr. Kramtoad’s farewell message
  • Scaffies on Facebook (PG-13) - if you want to “Like” and “Share” -also for comments and discussions
  • Scaffies on Tumblr (NC-17) - to follow, and share pictures and announcements
  • @Scaffies - follow news, relevant re-tweets, announcements and comments on Twitter!
  • Scaffies on LinkedIn - in the possible event you want to ‘Follow’ or associate yourself professionally in Social Media Niche Community building (you never know ...)
  • - the cool busting animations (it is a closed site, members only!)
    how to get on there:
    send an email to: with the username and password you want
    (and maybe a short comment what your interest in hard ballbeatings and sneakers is)
    If you are lucky, you get confirmation back within a day, but he is very busy.
    It is definitely worth the wait!
    On a side note: Radgie, who has been the one who came up with the name Scaffies, is rumored to be pretty tight with Gaz, and a certain number of the mega-cool animations on Gaz’s site seem loosely based on real-life fuck-ups (“mukkups” “kickaboots” “naddies smushings”) of Radgie ...
  • a site by Marky, the Redhead Buster, with really neat ballbusting artwork
  • - a collection of ballbusting stories by BruceLee ... says it “has been removed” - we are also wondering, what happened
  • is another site submitted via the Scaffies FB page: “Man Up! The offical fan blog by bbmal and Alex”
  • BB’s Yahoo Group - a collection of ballbusting stories by BB
  • - is a Kramtoad tribute blog with stories and video links  


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