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The interim Chat Channel on the IRC network is now closed.

SCAFFIES Chat Privates Tab

How to Join the New Chat (with Private Messaging) in 3 Easy Steps;

just so you do not have withdrawal, here is where we can meet to chat, until the new web site is up - or we may agree this IRC chat is actually a good solution:

  1. go to
  2. In the top right corner you can Login / Create an Account (!) - so it stays conveniently with you -
    otherwise type in your Nick (chatname you want to be seen by)
  3. and enter Channel: #Scaffies
    Click on the “Connect” button
    , and you are in!
  4. NOTE: Private Messages (PM) show up on TOP in little tabs!

    Scaffies channel etiquette: introduce yourself with age - sex - buster/bustee - loc - and if you have: a link to picture(s)
    [until we get something going with profiles etc, this may help]

Some Tips / FAQs for the Chat:

  • Country Symbol
    If you click on the little icon in front of the nicknames, it rotates between country symbol and day/night for each guy on the chat
  • Red Flashing of Nickname
    shows that guy is typing
  • Private Messaging
    - click on of the guy you want to chat with:
    - from the drop-down menu, click ‘PM’ and a new tab opens on the top
      (it should jump to it when you click on PM)
    - type your message
    - switch between the main channel tab and all of your PM’s - they will highlight / flash
      when there is something new
  • Follow a Conversation
    If you move your mouse over the name of the person whose contributions you want to see, they will light up in yellow! -- try it out, it is quite practical.
  • Configuration Options
    in the top right corner are settings for ‘Prefs’ (you can set colors, etc etc) and also for ‘Profile’ - while it is actually not visible (haven’t figured out why), you can put in your web address and your picture link for easy paste and copy, should you want to share it
  • Auto Join
    so you do not have to do the above every time, you can click on “Channels” on the top right, and enter the server (“”) and the channel name (“Scaffies”) and SAVE your entry. Make sure the CheckMark for “Auto Login” remains checked (it is the default)
  • Click on Chatname to insert
    This is very useful when chatting to direct a reply to someone specific without re-typing it all the time. You can enable this feature in “Prefs” on the “General” tab. Look on the right in the “Other” field, you find a check mark for “Click on Nicks to insert (IRC)” :-)
    You have to leave your channel and re-enter before it is active!

IRC Commands you may find helpful:

  • to register your Nickname (replace the items in italic with your data - and yes, the password is entered in clear text):

    /ns REGISTER your_password

    The system will confirm and send a passcode to that email address.
    When you get your passcode, copy and paste the command with the passcode:

    /msg NickServ confirm passcode

    This will preserve your chosen nickname for the future.

    Once you are registered, you will need to identify yourself to the system when you get on the chat. After you log into Mibbit (automatically, since you will have saved it, right?), you have to enter this command:

    /ns IDENTIFY

    You get a confirmation from the system it identified you correctly.

    P.S.: once you DO register your name, you have to run this IDENTIFY command - otherwise the server will rename you to Guest12345 - this protects the misuse of your name!  


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Scaffies Chat