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Frequently, the question comes up "How do I delete my account?"


Short Answer: you cannot delete your account (and we will not*, either).

Registration Notice

(*) We reserve judgment which accounts we delete and which not. Non-compliance with the few rules of the community will minimally get the account de-activated. We were up to 6,500 members at some point, but have deleted approximately 3,000 inactive accounts over time (mostly those who signed on when membership was a free-for-all, and the site was not restricted to members-only; now you have to pass strict reviews, and have to write an essay first in order to join) – as a not-for-profit, we do not ‘have’ to grow, but can put emphasis on membership and content quality. Accounts with no activity = participation in the community, no profile pictures, and insufficient profile information have no permanent future within the Scaffies community.

Here is why:

In order to avoid abuse (someone opening an account, misbehave badly, then delete the account and all traces), you can no longer completely delete your account. You can delete most entries off your profile, remove your avatar and pictures, etc – but the posts you made stay permanently (and thus do not leave blank spots, where nobody has a clue what it was) and all your logged IP information stays in the database (as well as a copy of the email address you used to sign up with to get the confirmation code, thus it was valid at a time and thus traceable). Every post stores the originating IP (visible only to the admins) and the username of the account permanently. Only users who register and are logged in can post and participate – the 90% “looking only” visitors have only read rights, and can vote on select items.

This protects everybody, in the event we have to go back and identify a user, his/her actions, and the IP address it was posted from.

Luckily, this need for protection has been rare (the vast majority on Scaffies plays nice) – in the transition phase (pre-Scaffies, while we were setting up the site in September 2013) we did have a credible threat (it is in the Transition Change Log), and with the information automatically saved, the person could be identified and prosecuted successfully in the USA. Later, in two other cases, we had to ban users, and once we had to delete 200 spam accounts, which were automatically created. In the spam cases, the saved information helped to make the sign-up process safer, and also block the originating IPs.

We do not use the saved information for any other purpose than to deal with abuse of the free site. The data is stored only in the Netherlands (none of this is in the CDN, that is cache-only), which has the strongest privacy laws on the planet.

In addition, you may have noticed we believe in transparency: we post who is behind the site, we show which money is coming in and going out, and we also keep a change log (Transition log, USA log prior to the move to the Netherlands, and the current NL log) with dated and timed records of every event and change noteworthy to record. You can go back to the time we started (i.e. when Kramtoad announced he will shut down) to the current day. This should support your assumption there is nothing ‘fishy’ going on behind the scenes.


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