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Winning Busting Team

Scaffies HQ


Who is behind Scaffies?

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One thing which could be learned from various other sites, which came and went away again:
Anonymity is NOT helpful.

Anonymity is inconvenient at best (if not counter-productive) as there is nowhere to turn to alert to problems, outages, or other issues – often popular sites disappear over night, leaving everyone to wonder what happened, if something could have been done, or supported better, to keep it around.

Knowing who is behind a site, and having the ability to contact those people, is in our opinion a big help to the site’s users. And since so many personal things are already in the public (by choice) on social-media-aware 21st century, some feel more comfortable than others to identify with orientations and special interests, and thus make themselves more available and accessible.

Certainly in the age of Internet trolls and other not-so-nice people bullying online, one has to walk a fine privacy line between showing responsibility for the site and avoid said nasties …

We want to do things differently. Others have shown an interest in – and actually deliver – help (publicly and privately), offered ideas, help, and also moral support.

So all who claim support publicly to be behind Scaffies, shall be listed here on their own request :-)

Click HERE to meet the Scaffies Team

Some Background info on Scaffies headquarters:

The Entrance to Scaffies HeadQuarters (SHQ)

Scaffies HQ

Scaffies Locker Room:

Scaffies Locker Room

… and the Inside:


… Scaffies HQ Work-Out Area:

scaffies work-out area

… Scaffies Bath & Shower Area:

scaffies HQ showers

… Scaffies Sports Team – guaranteed without Cups / Protection:

Scaffies Sports Team

… Line-Up for the Class in Advanced Busting II

Scaffies Class lineup

The Dorm at Scaffies HQ

Scaffies Dorm

Tea Time with Cake at Scaffies HQ

Scaffies Cake

Freshmen for Ballbusting Classes arriving

scaffies HQ freshmen

In the Scaffies Garage and Auto (Transmission / Automatic Gear Box) Repair Shop

Scaffies Auto repair

of course, there is also a Dark Room at Scaffies HQ:

Scaffies Darkroom

Jogging to an Outdoor Busting Class

Scaffies Sport_1280

at the Scaffies Basketball Court

Scaffies Basketball_1280

Now renovating for Scaffies TV:

Renovation_1280Application to Scaffies Ballbusting College

College App_500

Showing off the Lowies to the Ball Inspector


Check-Up before another No-Holds-Barred (NHB) Ballbusting Fight

NHB Bust

Scaffies Ball Busting Graduating – Class of 2015

Scaffies Ball Busting Graduating - Class of 2015

Pre-Busting Warm-Up Group Wrestling

Scaffies Group Wrestling

… this is Life at Scaffies HQ.

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