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My ScaffCoin Wallet & Ballbusting Rank

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November: we are a not-for-profit global community.
Our community ScaffCoin is meant to be used between members only, for M/M ballbusting-related “stuff”.


My ScaffCoin Wallet:
You can also see your balance on your own profile.

My ScaffCoin Balance (visible to logged-in members):

About ScaffCoins: you have all heard about Bitcoin & Co and other cryptocurrencies (list of all cryptocurrencies here).

Similarly to those cryptocurrencies, with ScaffCoins we have such a currency as well, and there are tools with this system which allow trading and exchanging ScaffCoins between members. The system keeps minting (creating = mining) new coins by your actions on the site – see below how that works. This another incentive to engage with the community and a broader scale: in fall 2019 we found a small number of members contributed the most content. And not only new content counts, but also how each member reacts to it, favors it, responds, and uses the community to get more of specific content. And of course those, who add this content, should get rewarded, be getting ScaffCoins each time someone looks at it. More details in our Cryptocurrency Backgrounder.

Wanted Alive! Hunting for Balls: there is a 1,000 ScaffCoin “Bounty” for hunting down and bringing a new member to Scaffies.

The cryptocurrency “pizza moment“: the actual 2 large pizzas bought on May 22nd, 2010, with 10,000 Bitcoins!

Trade Exchange for Digital Art:  We now offer a trade exchange where you can get downloadable illustrated stories and box sets of images from Madeira Desouza completely free of charge merely by trading in ScaffCoins from your ScaffCoin Wallet.

The Future: ScaffCoins are not traded anywhere (yet) – but we plan some initial uses for it, such as ‘buying’ membership upgrades, gift memberships, Scaffies NFT items auctioned and paid with ScaffCoins. Additional trade exchanges could be established in the future such as for SparkieShock, Shotgun Video (follow the links to test pages), and more … your ideas count!

Maybe we have a “defining pizza moment” (the “Bitcoin Pizza Index”; here the story in detail) for ScaffCoins eventually, too, when a cryptocurrency becomes measured in a fiat currency (€uro, US$, CAN$, AUS$, etc) and suddenly has a measurable cash ‘value’ – who knows? For now, we have fun with it.

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How you earn ScaffCoins:

For everything you do inside the community, you get ScaffCoins; and others reward you by looking and interacting with your stuff.

Outside the community, for hunting down new balls and bringing them to Scaffies (new members), you get a 1,000 ScaffCoin bounty.

ScaffCoins can only be generated (mined) through these actions:

as of 22 JUN 2021

22 JUN 2021 – Tuesday: Consolidated Admin Rewards for Pages Only
Changed the authorship for all 226 pages to volunteer admin Brandon (scaffiesadmin; Member #1). This way all the ScaffCoin rewards given for viewing pages (25 ScaffCoins each time) go towards one account (Brandon‘s — and not to whoever happened to create the page at the time; which would be volunteer admins or former ones). This way only one account is replenished for administrative tasks, and thus this account can then pay out the 1,000 ScaffCoin referral fees to anyone who earned it. All other rewards go to the members who created them. Our cryptocurrency is just as transparent as all other cryptocurrencies, so you can follow the rewards given to this admin account here.
Update 25 JUN 2021: of course, the page view reward for the SCAFFCON DOM’s Blog page should go to Richard @rangy69 – and not to the main admin account for ScaffCoins. I just wanted to update that (making Richard the ‘owner’ / ‘author’ of this page on the backend, so the reward goes to him, BUT the selection of owners / authors only allows volunteer admins with ‘keymaster’ level to be chosen. So we will make regular monthly reward transfers of 5,000 ScaffCoins to Richard in lieu of this technical limitation (represents 200 page views).

My own ScaffCoin Mining History

My Profile –> My ScaffCoins


How to transfer ScaffCoins to other members:

The Transfer Form is here.


The Coins also trigger Ballbusting Ranks — how you get them and when:
Assignment is all automatic, based on the number of ScaffCoins in your wallet. We may enhance the icons over time – your suggestions are most welcome!

as of 22 JUN 2021


My own Ballbusting Rank is right now (visible to logged-in members):

Thanks, @SparkieShock !!


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