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Scaffies can be addictive — please scaff balls responsibly*!

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Everything your balls and your ballbusting needs could ever want … since 28 AUG 2013 :yahoo:
We have no advertisements, banners, “freemium” offerings, or anything like that. We are not-for-profit.
The community is financed by (mandatory) member donations, so nothing distracts from the ballbusting experience.

Showcasing Madeira Desouza illustrated stories and fantasy images of masculine men in peril,
showcasing the art work of Parilla Mastermind SparkieShock
and kindly supported by Shotgun Video’s Roger, the M/M Community Video Hero of 30+ years.

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Scaffies is a community for consensual
 M/M ballbusting, over half a million posts in the many forums,
fantasy roleplay, and a safe space to meet other guys in over 235 local and special interest groups.

Scaffies is a very (!) diverse community — we are united in the M/M ballbusting interest, come from very different backgrounds,
countries, personal situations, sexual orientations (all across the board here), health issues, ages, and have all our very own challenges in life.
Here at Scaffies everyone is and feels welcome, safe, and embraced.
Check our GDPR Privacy and Community Policy for all the steps we take to protect our members and make this a safe space.

Remember: there is a 1,000 Scaffcoin Bounty for bringing new members to the community!

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(* Resources for SAS = Scaffies Addiction Syndrome are available)

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