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Want to become a Member of the Scaffies M/M Ballbusting Community?


JUNE 9TH, 2016 JUNE 15TH, 2017

We are not-for-profit, and rely exclusively on donations from community members to pay the bills to run this site. Nobody makes any money off it. As a consequence, we do not need to grow, nor make money off ads, nor have to sell “freemium” services – but we can afford to screen new members, make sure everyone complies with basic membership rules, and actively engages in the community. We do not want any “lurkers & jerkers”. So, yes, we are a somewhat exclusive little club with over 2,200 active members, over 100,000 posted topics and replies, and so far over 20 million page views over the 4 years since Scaffies started as a successor of Kramtoad.com (think of it just like a strict door policy to a popular club) – so, if this registration process is too much trouble for you, there are other places on the big interweb to offer you easier gratification :wink:


Membership Requirements – the Three P’s:

  • Profile filled out completely
  • Profile picture which individualises you (face not required, just something unique)
  • Participation in the community (minimally react with a response to some forum posts from time to time)

We are not checking for robots, but for new members who want to actively engage, and not just “lurk” – and we are asking you to write an essay first, to demonstrate your genuine interest in M/M Ballbusting, and to demonstrate you have sufficient command of the English language to be able to participate in the community (we appreciate all other languages in the world, but realistically, English is the lowest common denominator).


Here is the process you will need to follow to join:

  1. You write an essay to show you are really into M/M BallBusting, want to participate in the community, and have sufficient knowledge of English to be able to participate (it should be several paragraphs and at least 25 lines long; see more below). Pick a (permanent) username of at least 5 characters, and include it. Sent it to admin [@] scaffies.nl (do not use an AT&T/SBC, Microsoft, or Earthlink email – why? see below).
  2. If you pass, we set up an account with your desired permanent username, and send the credentials to you.
  3. Then you log in promptly, and fill in the complete profile, including a profile picture (it does not have to be your face — would be nice, though – just something to make you unique on the site – if in doubt, look at what others have set; no fake face pictures, though). We (strongly) recommend to use a desktop / notebook computer for this step, and not a “smart” phone / tablet – many of those devices do not support all necessary functions.
  4. There will be a final account review, so please make an effort to fill out your profile richly. If you pass this last step, enjoy the Scaffies community thereafter; if not, there is no second chance.


IWYB transparent


How to write your essay
explaining why you wish to join the Scaffies community:

The structural components of an essay: The body consists of a logically sequenced series of paragraphs that develop the essay topic.

Each paragraph contains: – One idea, which is introduced in the topic sentence.
1) something about you (description), your thoughts on, and approach to, m/m ballbusting
2) why and how you came to be into m/m ballbusting, your experiences, fantasies, and ideas
3) what you expect from the Scaffies community, and what you think you can and will contribute

(the effort is not wasted: you can later copy & paste some of this into your profile, where the same questions come again).

If you are using an AT&T / SBC e-mail address, you may not receive emails from Scaffies
(they keep blocking Scaffies off and on).
If you are using an Earthlink e-mail address, you will not receive any emails from Scaffies (they do block Scaffies).
If you are using a Hotmail / Live.com (Microsoft) e-mail address, you will not receive any emails from Scaffies (they no longer block Scaffies).
Solution: simply use a different email address – from a provider not enforcing their own moral standards on their users: Gmail is free and works great.


SO … if you send your essay from one of the above e-mail providers,
or send only a short email instead of your essay,
you are obviously not going to hear back!


THE EXPRESS June 12 - 2016 Txt

(Link to the complete newspaperafter you have joined)

Scaffies is an advertisement-free, “freemium”-model-free community,
and runs on Donations only to cover operating costs
thus we are non-commercial
and do not have a requirement to grow.

We do want to ensure a high quality of our member base and community,

which is meant only for all those who are truly enthusiastic about M/M ballbusting.

Scaffies is not “free” – we no not require any payments or fees,
but we do ask to please participate, engage, vote, reply to posts, etc 
– and (later on) at least consider a voluntary donation when you love Scaffies.

The Scaffies Administrative Council Kosh (“S.A.C.K.”) .. now get to writing your essay and submitting it to us! :mail:



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